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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Anushka' Midnight Masala With Young Hero!

When someone portrayed the same kind of stuff in his latest flop flick, indicating the characters indirectly, industry is angry with him. But this is surely an eye opener for the realistic things happening in the Film Industry.
On the other day, a bunch of film buffs are returning from a midnight show in popular Cinemax theatre before ramming their bikes on the posh roads of Jubilee Hills. All of a sudden, a costly greyish black RangeRover SUV has crossed them in a jet speed and decreased their chances of crossing it. Angered motorcyclist found their time to overtake it and the Rangerover was brought to a sudden stop. The bike riders were amazed all of a sudden! The guy in the driving seat is none other than young hero Naga Chaitanya. A look into the side seat revealed sexy heroine Anushka in inebriated condition, falling on the shoulder of Chaitu. When our shocked bike riding bluffs dropped their jaws, Chaitu managed to ramm his vehicle leaving no sight of him in seconds. What a say folks? Are the rumors of this hot couples extra-duty activities are just baseless or something is really cooking!

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